College & Career Counseling

Lancaster County Christian School offers college and career counseling to all high school students. Mrs. Tracy Habacivch, college and career counselor, develops a personal relationship with each student. She works individually with students to develop goals for high school and plans for post-high school education and careers. Mrs. Habacivch begins her year by meeting with every senior in order to ensure that transition goals are being met, that college application deadlines are being met, and that students are well-prepared for graduation and beyond.

Mrs. Habacivch next turns her attention to the juniors to help them start to solidify their future goals. The junior year is when college bound students begin to visit colleges, and take college entrance exams. The PSAT is offered here at LCCS for all sophomores and juniors interested in looking at college. Student transcripts are carefully reviewed to ensure that all students are on a clear path to completing their graduation requirements.

Mrs. Habacivch works with sophomores and freshmen to see how their interests and abilities match up with future careers. They choose their high school courses based upon a detailed four-year plan that provides for individual differences, interests, and career goals.

Mrs. Habacivch has developed solid working relationships with admissions counselors from many colleges where LCCS alumni attend. She loves to guide students during these years so that they can make a smooth and successful transition from high school to college or career. The College and Career Office is a place where students dream big and learn to fly high, fully prepared for their futures.