We are delighted that you are considering enrollment at Lancaster County Christian School as an option for your child. The links on the sidebar will help you find answers to a variety of questions about the school, and the admissions process can be found below. We would love to speak with you. We consider it a blessing to serve both you and your children.

Admissions Procedure

  1. A complete application and registration fee must be submitted for all students who desire to attend Lancaster County Christian School.
  2. Intake testing will be administered for each new application.
  3. A personal interview will be held with each new applicant's family and the principal. The interview should be attended by both parents, single parent, or guardian and the student(s).
  4. Upon approval, parents are informed of the student's acceptance. Conditions or probationary status may be required for acceptance.
  5. Enrollment will be considered complete for that school year when all of the above steps have been finalized and all necessary paperwork has been submitted.

Enrollment Requirements

      Spiritual Expectations

  1. Parents and students must be active in a Bible-believing church as affirmed by their pastor.
  2. Parents and students must express and demonstrate their agreement with the school's philosophy and handbook policies.
  3. The student must exemplify by his/her attitude and lifestyle that he/she is committed to being conformed in the image of Christ, to be obedient to God's Word, and to exhibit a teachable spirit. This will be reflected in speech, respect for authority, reverence for the Lord, and in fruit evident to believers around him/her.

       Academic Expectations

  1. Incoming students will be tested to determine academic progress.
  2. Students are to meet the prerequisite course requirements.
  3. Students entering kindergarten will be admitted after successful completion of a developmental readiness evaluation.
  4. Transferring high school students must submit a school transcript for review prior to admission.